We are NW Wyoming's local USPSA Club! Join us on the second Sunday of each month! 

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Next Cody USPSA Match - 2015 Greater Yellowstone Sectional Championship
 Sunday, August 9th 2015 
at the Cody Shooting Complex
You can register online for the GYS Match and self Squad at MatchSignUp.org!

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July Results- Click here

June Slot match video above

WHO:              Cody Action Shooters  - for any interested shooters - including beginners or experts

                  Greater Yellowstone Sectional Match

WHERE:                Held at the Cody Shooting Complex

WHEN:                  Sunday,  July 9th  @ 9:00 am – Be there no later than 8:30 am to register

ABOUT:                 This is an official, USPSA Level I1 - Club Match (All shooters must be USPSA members for this match)

STAGES:                 Under Construction 



Setup will be both on Saturday afternoon at 4 pm (Confirm directly with Rich (307)-254-2470 before coming Sat) , and definitely on Sunday morning at 8 am. 
We will be there starting to set up the stages by 8:00 am the morning of the match.  This is an ALL-Volunteer Sport and club so everyone should chip in to help when possible.

WHO: Cody Action Shooters - for any interested shooters - including beginners or experts 

 Monthly USPSA Club Matches  (March - October) 

WHERE: Cody Shooting Complex

 Club Matches - 2nd Sunday of every month (March - October)

These are official, USPSA Matches

                                                                                  Spread the word to friends and others who might be interested.
                                       We need as much participation as we can get for the Cody Action Shooters USPSA club!

    We are Northwest Wyoming's local USPSA Club  
Cody Action Shooters is a USPSA competitive handgun shooting club based at the Cody Shooting Complex, just north of Cody, Wyoming on Highway 120.

Contact Rich Redovian  307-254-2470 or Rob Cook  307-272-1360
rich@codyactionshooters.com                  rob@codyactionshooters.com


Here's a great video overview of our shooting sport!


Billings Club Match 3/2014


USPSA Training Class  February 2013

Our shooting schedule, a map to the range, information for new shooters, and contact information can be found on other pages from the menu bar above. 
We welcome new competitors  - this is a sport not only for men, but also women and teen competitors.  Our goal is to provide organized practical shooting opportunities for all shooters, regardless of age, gender or shooting experience.  Just bring your handgun (9mm or larger) 150 rounds of ammo, a holster, and some spare magazines (or speedloaders), eye and ear protection, and we'll show you the rest!

You are cordially invited to come shoot with us Visit the 
USPSA and IPSC websites for more competitor info.

For more information, please contact:

                                                    Rich Redovian 307-254-2470 or Rob Cook 307- 272-1360
                                                                                    rich@codyactionshooters.com                rob@codyactionshooters.com